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Our Fostering Panel

Fostering Together have recruited a robust and diverse independent panel team of people from a variety of backgrounds. Our recruitment of our panel team is an open process, allowing us to find those with a vast array of experience and knowledge regarding matters related to fostering, while also reflecting the diversity in our communities.

Our experienced panel team comprises of...

  • Foster carers from other fostering services.
  • People who were formerly fostered.
  • People who grew up alongside fostered siblings.
  • Registered Independent social workers and practice managers.
  • Persons living with a disability.
  • Parents and carers of children with disabilities.
  • Those with a medical background.
  • Those with a background in education.
We are always looking to expand the diversity of our central list of panel members so Contact Us below with some information on what you think you could bring to our panel.

Contact Us

Our panel was an extremely diverse and skilled set of people who were informed and insightful. They made us feel relaxed, valued and gave us the opportunity to talk about our family goals and aspirations.