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Boy Wonder using eye-pointing to share his views, wishes and aspirations

Boy Wonder shares his Hopes and Dreams using AAC

Submitted by fosteringtogether on 15 November 2023

In providing our very much needed care service for children who have complex disabilities, including those who may not be able to communicate verbally, we champion the use of AAC (Alternative and Augmented communication) techniques to gain the views and wishes of young people who come into the care of Fostering Together carers. The talents and knowledge of the community have very much helped us to do so, including our Communication Champion Laura and Annette who is our Makaton maestro and is involved in teaching other carers around her.

One of the amazing young people in our community, (who's very much earned the nickname Boy Wonder!) has recently completed some special missions in planning his next steps in his overall care, being supported with his bespoke materials which suit his communication style very well. Do to his needs, which includes a physical disability which affects his entire body, methods of communicating with him have needed to adapt. The various styles of communication Boy Wonder has become very good at since coming into care include:

  • Auditory Scanning
  • Eye-Pointing 
  • Yes / No gestures
  • Sounds of reference
Boy Wonder, age 10

To inform the professionals around him, 10-year-old Boy Wonder wanted to make it clear about who he trusts, where he wants to be in the future and all of the activities that he'd like to try; and this has been a fantastic piece of work for him in which we're all very proud.

His foster carer, Laura, said it best: 

"It has 100% highlighted how much he knows what he wants, knows his own mind and, as any 10 year old, is quite adamant on some things!
Forever proud of how he manages his naughty body and is able to use his eyes to share his thoughts, feelings and wishes with the world…and most importantly influence his own life.
It goes to show that just because he’s non-verbal doesn’t mean he doesn’t have anything to say."
A post on Facebook, includes the aforementioned quote, as well as a display of the various image symbols that Boy Wonder uses to communicate