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FosterKit is a Finalist for the Digital Transformation in Social Work Award 2023!

Submitted by fosteringtogether on 16 August 2023

We're very excited to announce that FosterKit, our online Fostering Platform used by staff carers and support team across the service, has been nominated and has reached the group of Finalists for the Social Worker of the Year Awards! 

FosterKit, developed by Fostering Together's Jack with input from the whole FT community, is now one of 5 finalists in the Digital Transformation in Social Work Awards for 2023.

It's an honour to have been recognised for the impact and innovation that has gone into our online system, which, being developed in-house has meant that costly and restrictive 'off-the-shelf' systems can be avoided.  

Sometimes it's hard to get across how integral FosterKit is to the wider team at Fostering Together, but to illustrate how big of a project it has been, here is a list of ways that FosterKit is used across the service...

  • Personal Record Portal and Case Note Update and Management
  • Ongoing Child Record Progress Tracker and Photo Library
  • Supervision Template and Record collaboration system
  • Finance and Payment integration with Agency Invoicing and Payment platforms
  • Expense Claim Submission Form
  • Sessional Support Diary booking system.
  • Training Calendar and Learning Record tracking.
  • Statutory and Regulatory check tracking for HR and Family Assessments.
  • A lead generation and enquiry management system for recruitment of fostering families.
  • Fostering Application form and Assessment Tracker for applicants
  • Policy and procedure directory, • Local and Specialist Resource library and forum 
  • Portal for children to login to see pictures of their achievements as well as see participation projects, to access information important for them, and also to play some games.


We're very proud to get to this stage and we are excited to see how we do when the Winners are announced in November 2023!

List of Nominees for the Digital Transformation in Social Work #SWA23