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Transfer to Fostering Together

Transfer fostering agency to Fostering Together

If you are already a foster carer it's probably easier than you think to transfer to Fostering Together. You may be feeling that you are:

  • Unhappy with your current registered fostering service.
  • Aren't fully supported as a fostering family for children with disabilities.
  • Wanting to be part of a team and close community of other families caring for children with disabilities.
  • Wanting to be fostering for an agency staffed by experienced, knowledgeable, professional, friendly people.
  • Wanting to be part of a fostering agency which is led with integrity.


We value people and their inputs, supporting and developing our staff, carers and our support services staff in order to empower the best outcomes for children.

When choosing a fostering agency, you should align your values with their values. We would always recommend a small agency with a  family-feel like Fostering Together. – Julie, Foster Carer

Transferring to Fostering Together is simple - you'll be transferred in 3-4 months

Your 2-step journey to Fostering Together



  • Learn how our specialism in supporting families of children with disabilities can empower the care you provide.
  • Renew your Checks & References.
  • Meet a friendly assessor to update your Form F.


  • Get to know our team and wider community of foster carers and professionals.
  • Meet our friendly fostering panel.
  • Access priority and specialist support.

We strive to make your  transfer as smooth as possible. Our experienced team will lead on the process and ensure no disruption to your family.

Why join Fostering Together?

Comprehensive Support

  • Wraparound support and advice available to you 24/7.
  • Priority access to specialists and professionals.

Training & Development

  • Free training and development you need to carry out your role.
  • Bespoke training according to the care you provide.

Excellent Pay & Benefits

  • Generous pay and benefits reflecting the importance your role.
  • Earn up to £700 per week for each child in your care.

Dedicated & Caring Team

  • A team with experience in fostering, healthcare and education.
  • Specialists in disabilities and complex needs.

We Celebrate Success

  • Regular community events and celebrations.
  • Opportunities to mentor and support others.

Helpful Technology

  • Free tablet computer to help with your fostering admin.
  • Access to our bespoke FosterKit online system.

If you would like to transfer to us from your current fostering service, The Fostering Network has developed an agreed protocol by which we will guide you through.  

You’ll still go through a process of assessment, but this will be far more streamlined than a usual Fostering Assessment, and we’ll deal with any complexities

We make transferring simple.  


  • Contact us and request an initial visit from a member of our professional team. We’ll talk you through our service and give you the opportunity to discuss the reasons you may want to transfer. 
  • If you decide to proceed after your initial visit, you’ll have to confirm in writing to your current provider that your intention is to transfer before we can begin your process. If you have any children in placement, you’ll also need to confirm to the placing authority services involved with your foster children.  
  • We’ll then convene a meeting between Fostering Together and the placing authorities to discuss the potential impact of a transfer on the children (of which there rarely will be!). 
  • On everyone’s agreement, you’ll begin a new fostering assessment, including a renewal of references and the production of your new Form F document. If you have been able to provide this from your current approval, we can use this as the basis for the new document.  
  • You’ll meet and be presented to our Fostering Panel who will make a recommendation to our Decision Maker who will formalise your new approval with Fostering Together. Welcome to the team. 


"We feel very valued and appreciated, and it has completely highlighted that we have made the right choice continuing our fostering journey with Fostering Together.

Fostering Together genuinely cares about the carers and the children, which to us means everything. We foster to make a difference to children and young people, and they are completely on the same page."

Laura & Alex

Laura & Alex

Disability Foster Carers

Our Values

Our organisational values describe our core ethics and principles; they drive our
purpose through a shared vision to provide the best possible care.

We make a lasting positive difference

We strive to provide safe, supportive and engaging environments to enable everyone to flourish.

We work together

We share common goals, value each other and work collaboratively in a fair and open way to achieve more as a team.

We safeguard children

We put children and their health, well-being and rights at the heart of everything that we do.


We improve outcomes

We recognise the uniqueness of individuals and are committed to creating positive futures and improving outcomes for children.

Frequently Asked Questions


Foster carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services.

We are aware that there are many reasons that foster carers decide to move agency, these include:

  • Not being happy with your existing provider.
    1. You are not receiving the support and/or training that you need. 
    2. Standards might be slipping. Ofsted Inspections may have identified weaknesses or you feel that you’re receiving a worse service than you used to receive.
    3. Your fostering allowance is often paid late, or in some cases in incorrect amounts.
    4. Your fostering provider does not listen adequately to feedback from families and social workers.
    5. You are concerned about the stability of your fostering agency.
    6. You hold differing values than that of your current fostering service.
  • Your fostering agency is being sold to a larger fostering service.
    1. You don’t feel that you have a say in this process and that you and your family are being treated as a commodity.


Foster Children are matched to foster carers. As part of your transfer we’ll consult with the placing authority children’s services to ensure there will be no disruption for them when you transfer. We believe stability of family life is one of the most valuable outcomes of foster care and we will ensure that transferring families are able to continue existing arrangements surrounding the placement of a young person with them.

Following the Foster Carer Transfer Protocol by The Fostering Network (which is generally backed by Ofsted as best practice), a transfer of foster carers might take between 2-3 months.

This can be depending on your attendance of necessary training and availability of your previous paperwork e.g. your Form F.


If you want to transfer you can move to any fostering provider. Foster carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services.


Foster children are matched to foster carers, not to a specific fostering service or agency. If a foster carer wants to move to another provider with their child, as long as safeguarding is assured and with the agreement of the placing authority, it is possible to move as a family unit.

One of the key principles of any decision in a fostering lifestyle is that the welfare of children is paramount. We believe stability of family life is one of the most valuable outcomes of foster care and we will ensure that transferring families are able to continue existing arrangements surrounding the placement of a young person with them.


Fostering Together will ensure this as part of any successful transfer. Depending on your circumstances, including your total length of fostering service and the assessed needs of children placed with you, you may find that you may earn more with a new provider. Find out more on our Payments information page.

If you would like to discuss this matter further in confidence feel free to contact us.


If you decide to transfer, Fostering Together will at minimum match your existing support package. Depending on your circumstances, including the assessed needs of children placed with you, you may find that you may be eligible to more support with Fostering Together. Find out more about our Training & Support.

Contact Us to be assured that our support packages can match or even exceed your current arrangements.


If you decide to transfer, the placing authority involved with your fostering service should support your move to Fostering Together and will be invested in making sure you receive the same or better support than you currently get. We’ll make sure that we stay in touch with placing authorities during the process.

If you would like to discuss this matter further in confidence feel free to contact us.


Our experienced team come from a variety of backgrounds, including from other fostering providers which have specialist backgrounds. We're particularly experienced in supporting foster families for children with disabilities.

At Fostering Together, we see children as children first, and we work together in partnership with a range of services to ensure that we can support families to meet the needs and promote the best outcomes for children in care.

Why not have a chat with our team?

We're happy to welcome anyone who's an existing foster carer for a no-pressure chat!

Want to ask about any particular aspect of our service, or know someone in the team? Feel free to ask for them!

Meet our Team


If you're wondering about joining the Fostering Together community and transferring your fostering registration, please leave your details below and we'll get straight back in touch. 

If you would like to have a no-pressure, informal and confidential chat, we're happy to say hello. Families already with our service are also more than happy to chat to you so you can find out what it's really like being part of our valued community.

We look forward to hearing from you.

A young lady and her foster mother sit on a bed smiling. The young lady has Cerebral Palsy.
It'd be great to know a little about your current situation! Are you currently with another fostering agency or local authority? What is your approval? Are you currently caring for a child, or linked to provide stays for a child foster?
Are you interested in speaking to a certain member of the team, or another foster carer already at Fostering Together? We're all super happy to chat about Fostering Together!