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The new Fostering Together logo

Fostering Together for children with disabilities

Submitted by fosteringtogether on 25 March 2022

Fostering Together is going through some changes in 2022, and in some ways, isn't changing at all...

Since we started the service in August 2020 with a clear aim to support and work with fostering families to deliver the best possible outcomes for the children in their care, we were already working with families very experienced in supporting children with disabilities and complex medical needs. Other families with similar experience had also begun their journey to join Fostering Together in 2022.

Our staff team has a large amount of combined experience in the fostering sector, particularly in supporting families fostering children with disabilities. We have the expertise and resources to deliver specialist individualised support and a wide network of professionals to rely on.

Fostering a child with disabilities can be rewarding in so many ways. When you foster with us, you will become part of a community experienced in the care of children with additional needs including physical disabilities, learning difficulties, complex medical needs, sensory impairments and autism.

We have decided to sharpen our focus to what we do best; supporting and working collaboratively with families who foster children with disabilities.

For those who have been following our journey and progress, you may notice that this means we have evolved our brand identity with a new logo and a new website.



We have retained the Fostering Together heart, but now it's made up from our core passion; supporting and helping children with disabilities to flourish in family environments.

It's exciting to be starting this new chapter of Fostering Together and to be there to guide and welcome new families into the rewarding world of foster care. You can find out more about becoming a foster carer with us and the training and support you will receive.