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Foster Care Fortnight 2022

Celebrating Foster Care Fortnight 2022

Submitted by fosteringtogether on 17 May 2022

This year's theme for Foster Care Fortnight is #FosteringCommunities.

As foster carer Robin says, being part of a community of other like-minded foster carers who also care for children with disabilities and complex needs is one of the best things you get from fostering:

It’s brought diversity... from all the families and people that we’ve met including the social workers and placing authorities, some of parents of the children that we foster where they are still involved. It’s such a wide variety of people and things going on - it keeps us busy but it’s also a very rich environment to be involved in!

All the other carers and families that we know through our career have all said the same thing; it has enriched their lives and it has all been for the better.

This Foster Care Fortnight we've been busy getting the Fostering Together community together for a busy two weeks, kicked off with some themed support groups looking at the topic of #CareForCarers, meaning the ways we look after ourselves an each other to make sure that we are always at our best for the children we care for. We're enjoying the lovely events and opportunities to unwind that we've put on already this year for our families, including family trips to the zoo (which children fed back to us that they loved! 💕) and some R & R with reflexology sessions with groups of carers to learn about strategies to help wheelchairs (while also being pampered theirselves! 💆).

We also got our full staff team together for a trip the the theatre or a group evening outing to see the fantastic The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time on-stage in Dartford this week. The show centres around Christopher, a teenage boy with Asperger's as he tries to discover who murdered the neighbour's dog...
The show is praised for simulating aspects of sensory overload in creative ways and we really enjoyed a night out to celebrate the team coming together and welcoming new team member Debbie.

The Fostering Together Team!