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Our simplified 3 Steps to Fostering

New Essential Media for Prospective Fostering Families!

Submitted by fosteringtogether on 31 May 2022

We know that it really is information overload for families who want to look at fostering as their new careers and life paths, so the Fostering together team have put together a video resource which covers the basics of what fostering children with disabilities is like and what may be involved, as well Fostering Together's 3 simple step model for becoming a foster carer.

Leave us your details on our Homepage for instant access with a unique link to this resource which you can watch at your own time or share with anyone you think may also find it useful.

It's been a fun project to collaborate on with families already fostering with Fostering Together, and we hope it helps others looking to also take their first steps to also doing this themselves!

Alongside this, we have also been able to publish a new podcast which is an interview between Neil and Julie & Robin who have been long-term fostering children since 2008. They chatted about what fostering has brought them over the last decade and a half, and how rewarding it has been to open their homes to young people who've lived with them over the years.

Find our podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

We certainly think everyone should give these a watch, and go as far to say our video resource is essential viewing to anyone at the first stages of looking at fostering as a career and life path change!